Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Southern Plate Anyone?.......

How many of you are familiar with Southern Plate...the wonderful website as well as a fantastic cookbook? I came across Christy Jordan's website about a year ago and quickly purchased her cookbook. I cook almost entirely from scratch and so her cookbook really speaks to me. I am not a huge meat-eater but that's ok too. I think my family's favorite recipe of hers is the chili...and I am able to make mine without meat and make theirs with meat. Easy peasy! I also love her hoe cake recipe because my mom used to make the same thing but she called it "biscuit bread." Delicious!!! Plus Christy is all about family and family stories!!! Her cookbook is worth it alone just for the stories about her family!!! But the recipes are an added bonus!!

(I knew we were in the right place.)

Anyway, this past weekend I had the opportunity to listen to a talk given by Christy Jordan. I thought Christy was pretty amazing already...but after sitting and hearing her speak about her family history and the legacy she hopes to leave for her children, I am an even bigger fan!!! She is so down to earth I think I could have talked with her all day if I'd been given the opportunity.

(Emily and I were still waiting patiently in line for our turn. It came about 30 min. later.)

In the end Emily and I were able to visit with her for about 5 minutes or so while she was signing my cookbook. She even sent me home with little gifts for all four of my little ones!!! She is truly so genuine and precious. And I know you won't be surprised to hear that she SEWS too!!!! See I told you she was amazing!!!

And no, I am not affiliated with her or her company in any way....but just wanted to share about meeting her. Now maybe next time we can swap sewing stories!!!! I can hope right?

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Jan M said...

Oh, my! I just gained 5 pounds looking at her website! Loved listening to her southern accent, too! Your day sounded wonderful!

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