Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can You Believe He Is Two???? I Can't!!!!

Someone had a birthday this past week! I can't believe Sweet Ean is now two years old. I think this will take a few months to sink in. And by then he'll be pushing three. We had a nice and quiet evening with egg-free cupcakes (you may remember he is highly allergic to eggs), a few gifts, and lots of fun! I will put more birthday pictures up on our family blog here.

Hopefully by the time I finish my bishop I'll also have found my camera. It somehow found a life of its own and walked off recently. My phone camera works in a pinch...but I like my other camera better.

I am close enough to being finished with the bishop that I am already trying to figure out what I am going to work on next. Will it be something that is already started and needs to be finished? Or something brand new? I saw some adorable fabrics at the heirloom shop yesterday...but I did not get any. Can't decide what to make yet. Decisions...decisions!

P.S., I forgot to mention...I did make Ean a birthday outfit....but he refused to put it on. I'll have to get pictures another day.


Kellie said...

Happy Birthday Ean!

MAD14kt said...

Happy BDay Ean!!!

The dB family said...

No way!! He is not two ;o)!! Happy Birthday Ean!! I love his hair!


dlogan said...

NO, I cannot believe Ean is 2!! I do remember working very hard on a Christmas outfit, and then came the refusal to wear it from my son. Finally, after much conversation, he agreed to no shoes, and would put on the outfit! He was one cold little dude at the end of the evening!! Happy Birthday Ean!! Darby

Jan M said...

Happy Birthday to Ean! They grow so quickly. Treasure each moment!

Casey said...

Happy Birthday Ean! I remember he's just a few days older than my Van! He's so sweet!

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