Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Annual Valentine's Day Tea Party......

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We sure did. The kids and I decided to make rolled sugar cookies this year for our tea party and I am so glad we did because we had a lot of fun and they were yummy!!!

We all took turns rolling out the dough and cutting out the cookies. And of course, we all participated in the decorating too. Some were a little more heavy-handed than others.

We swapped handmade Valentine cards, ate yummy cookies and drank warm peppermint tea. And so another wonderful year with this sweet little bunch has been celebrated!!!

Here is sweet Ean during the tea party. We recently found he is violently allergic to eggs....so unfortunately he did not get to enjoy the yummy cookies. Ethan asked me last night if I could find a recipe for cookies without eggs so that Ean can have some next time. I thought that was so thoughtful of him!!! And I will definitely dig up a recipe next time for our Sweet Ean. He is such a blessing to all of us.

And if you look real close you will see he has been busy cutting his first molar this past week. He stayed up many nights working on this tooth. I remember telling my dad once that I hated when the kids were teething because they were in so much pain. His answer was short and sweet and to the point...."Well having teeth is better than the alternative." He was right as always!!!

I have actually worked in little bits sewing here and there lately. I have lots to share as soon as I get a few pictures taken.


Kellie said...

How fun... precious memories!

Cindy said...

Thanks Kellie....it was fun!!!

julie said...

I think that I might be the most heavy-handed cookie decorator in my family!

Gayle said...

I have recipes that use 1 Tbsp soy flour & 1 Tbsp water for each large egg required in recipes. You can also use 1 Tbsp ground flaxseed and 3 Tbsp water (mix in small bowl, let sit for 5 minutes) for each large egg needed. I tend to use the flaxseed one. :)

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