Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pure Pleating Laziness......

Yesterday it hit me that Christmas is just over two weeks away! And my sweet Elisabeth also has a birthday between now and then....just to add a little more stress to the equation! But my hands still desire to have something to work on in the little bits of time that present themselves here and there. So I did the unthinkable....I stopped by the local heirloom shop and bought two pleated panels! I know, crazy (and maybe lazy?) when I can easily pleat them myself! But my Ethan really wants tractors smocked on a jon-jon...and honestly this is the last year he will be able to wear jon-jon's and get away with it. So I really do want to make this for him. But I knew if I waited to get the pleater out and ready I would postpone it for several more weeks. Why do I do that?

So I bought two pleated panels in hopes of stitching them for my sweet little boys. I'm not sure what I'll put on Ean's yet....I'll think about that. But in the meantime I can start stitching tractors for Ethan.

And do you see the colorful quilt in these two pictures? Well guess what? That is another bargain I got at the Martha Pullen Warehouse Sale. It is a baby crib-sized quilt (a very generous size) and gorgeous. You can't see the edges but they have large rick rack stitched on them, and the back is the same fabric as the block on the front with all the little cars and such...precious. You won't believe it when I tell you I paid $3 for this amazing quilt. I could not even purchase the supplies for that amount....plus add in the time for construction and such. I love this quilt for so many reasons!!!

And about the sleeping baby, Ean, in the top photo....I could just about kiss his cheeks off!!! That's all I'm saying!!!!


Martha said...

Not lazy at all. Part of wisdom is knowing our limitations. Better to get to the project than wish you had. And those cheeks are very kissable.

Ruth said...

I should follow your lead...I often wish I had a smocking project going, but then I don't want to pull out the pleater and prepare the fabric. Looking forward to seeing your projects.

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