Saturday, November 06, 2010

Week in Review.....

I don't know how this can be but it seems I blink and another week quickly passes by! This appears to be the norm around here lately. So for those two loyal readers still here I thought I'd share the highlights of our week with you.

Wayne was out of town all week which always makes for a hectic week. He is so good to help out around the house, especially around dinner time when things can get chaotic. I've mentioned before that I cook almost entirely from scratch so I always allow an hour for dinner prep each and every night. It is wonderful when Wayne is home and is able to be with the little ones during that time. They find all sorts of fun things to do together! However, this week I was on my own and I still managed to put nourishing meals on the table, and for that I am grateful!

Emily delivered both of her custom-ordered baby blankets this week. The purple one you see above was for a sweet baby girl that has already been born. Emily decided she liked this particular stitch and then just decided how big she wanted the blanket to be. Finally she experimented for days to find an appropriate edging for it. She finally decided on this loopy edging that I think fit the open-ness of the blanket well. She wrapped it up in a piece of lavender lace and delivered it. No word from the mom yet, but I am sure she will love it!

The second blanket was for a baby boy that has not yet been born. The baby shower was actually today and the guy that asked Emily to make it called her tonight to tell her how much the mom loved it. We delivered this blanket yesterday and forgot to take a picture before we left home. Emily took this quick picture in the car. I wish we had a good picture of it though because it was really pretty. It was basically a large granny square because the guy that ordered it wanted her to use both green and yellow for the colors and we thought this would work out well. And it's interesting but both blankets were custom-ordered by guys for friends of theirs. I think that is kind of neat! And Emily really came through and did a great job. I am continually amazed by her abilities and her tenacity!

Let's see....there has been NO sewing this week since I wrapped up the halloween costumes. It's not that I did not want to sew....but that the time just hasn't been there this week. Although I am working on the program for our November Smocking Guild meeting. I am hoping to get the prototype finished up in the next few days so I can write up directions and such before our next meeting.

While pleating the sample I had quite the run-in with my pleater. It was acting very cantankerous and that did not please me at all! And then it had the nerve to break a needle! I was not a happy smocker at that moment. But after I completely dis-assembled the pleater, found all three broken pieces of the needle, removed the fabric that was partially pleated and completely mangled, and re-assembled the pleater, I decided to persevere and try again. Fortunately luck was on my side the second time through! Thank you Lord for caring about the little things as well as the big things in my life!!!!


Ginny said...

Your daughter does beautiful work! I wish my crocheting looked as nice, but I enjoy it and mostly make dishcloths, so it doesn't matter. :) Tell Emily to keep up the good work.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Emily's blankets are gorgeous; she has amazing talents and patience! Your week sounds like mine- just trying to keep up! Maybe we'll have some free time to sew in January??

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