Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Week.....

It seems crazy that I can't manage to update much more than once a week....but that's the season of life I am in right now, I guess. But it's a good season! I get to spend all my time with these sweet little precious little Ean (not in the above picture)! Who was very sick last night! I won't go into details but rather just say he was really sick with either food that did not agree with him or a belly bug. But 24 hours and 4 loads of laundry later....he is much better. Plus I sat up and held him all night.....I have come to treasure that time when it does happen.

We did have our Smocking Guild meeting earlier this past week. It went very well. I need to take a picture of what I demonstrated at the meeting....hopefully tomorrow I can get to that. I thought the final item came out pretty cute. You can tell me what you think.

The kids have kept me busy with lots of fun stuff this week. We've, of course, been doing school work each day. Plus a few of the days they decided it was warm enough to have a picnic lunch outside...(that is what they are doing in the above picture) and play badminton . However, yesterday and today have been even warmer! So warm, in fact, that they all went and bought some pansies today and planted them around the house. They look great. They also picked up supplies for blueberry plants we ordered that should be in this week. It sure will be nice to have our own blueberry bushes......we consume blueberries in our daily smoothies! Yum!

Today the kids also talked their father into getting Christmas lights to string outside the house. They beg to do this every year....but we just never have....until today. They were so excited it was the first thing they did once they arrived home from the store. We lit them up for a test tonight and our neighbors even came out to admire the view. Now if we can make them wait another few days to put up the Christmas tree....we'll see!

I kept thinking I would have some time to work on a smocking project this week...but it just never happened. I also need to clean up and organize all my sewing paraphernalia. I am thinking it's about time for a giveaway......we'll see what I can come up with!

This coming week brings Thanksgiving! We are so looking forward to it and I am sure you all are too. We don't have any family nearby so we make the best of it with just us. Although we might have a few friends over this year that don't have family nearby either. I am making my grocery list and preparing to make our favorite Thanksgiving meal. I have so so much to be thankful for each and every day!


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Elisabeth Rose said...

What fun to be having picnics in November. We had a few snowflakes last week! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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