Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Week in Review......

Wayne was gone all week this past week...from Sunday morning until Friday evening. It was for work and I am not complaining. But it does make for an exhausted momma towards the end of the week. That is where the strange sprinkler seen above comes into play. One day the kids and I ran up to the drugstore and they had all their summer items on sale. This little gem was about $5 and let me tell might be silly looking but the kids love it!!! Quick and easy fun....just add water!!! I could not believe I snapped this picture of Emily in mid-air. I tried several mores times after this one.....but never got another. It was pure skill involved!!

Elisabeth lost another tooth while her daddy was away. She can't stand to have a loose tooth. She will work at it unmercifully until it gives up and comes out.

Ethan feel in love with this pair of glasses while we were picking out glasses for Emily. Yes, Emily has her first pair of glasses now (Ethan doesn't...he was just playing!). Both Wayne and I wear glasses/contacts so I figure they will all wear glasses before too long. Apparently Ethan is thrilled about the prospect. We have an awesome eye doctor too and he only lives two streets over from us!!

For the past week Ean worked on growing more hair. But he is so stinking cute!!! He is just on the edge of walking too. All of our little ones have been late I figure in the next month or so....he will be on the run.

As for me, I had several big projects I was finishing up this week. And honestly, by the time I got the kids in bed each night it was all I could do to go around and double check door locks and turn all the ceiling fans off. I was so tired. But it was that good tired. As a result though, I am a little behind in emails. So if I owe you an email....just know I am catching up now that Wayne is back home and I will be getting back with you soon!!! I still have lots of pictures to share and I'm still sewing up a storm when I get a free minute. There just haven't been many free minutes this past week.

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Ellie Inspired said...

Ethan looks really cute in glasses!! It is tiring when Dad's away. I hope you are getting caught up some on rest this long weekend. Can't wait to see you at the SAGA Convention!

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