Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sewing Therapy.....

My Mom took a fall early last week and landed herself in the hospital with another new hip. She is in Florida and I'm I am relying on family members to keep me updated on her condition. In my house, when I pick up the phone my little ones instantly need me. Does that happen to anyone else or only me? So needless to say, I spent more time on the phone than usual and my sewing time went by the wayside...which is understandable in a situation such as this.

Finally on Saturday evening I decided some sewing would be great therapy for me. So I made this cute and functional check book cover. It honestly was embarrassing how tattered my old plastic check book cover had become. It was only held together at one tiny spot and every time I opened it it threatened to break apart completely.

I knew I wanted to use this quilting cotton...but the rick rack was an afterthought. I had already stitched quite a bit when the thought occurred to me. So I went ahead and ripped out the stitches and added the rick rack. I realize it will eventually get damaged in the bottom of my purse....but for now....I am enjoying it. Simple things.....I am striving to focus on the simple things!!

Also last night, Emily and I made homemade pizza for dinner. I had to show you the pizza that Emily made....she shaped it like a heart.....kind of. And it was yummy! Again...focusing on the simple things!


Jan said...

So sorry to hear of your mother's fall. May her recovery be swift. Simple things are good things! Treasure your special ones!

Goosegirl said...

Oh I love your little checkbook cover. You know how much I love rickrack so of course, I approve of ripping out your stitches to add some. I do that too.
And I probably should make one too!
I will be praying for your Mama. I know you probably want to be with her. I will pray for a quick and complete recovery.

Cindy said...

Thanks Jan and Sivje!!!

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