Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Thoughts.......

(Ean - Spring 2010)

* This picture is just too cute to not share.

* Elisabeth did not have strep. The pediatrician actually called us last Sunday afternoon and told us that the over-night strep test came back negative. So we stopped the antibiotics (incredibly this was the first time she had ever had antibiotics). The doctor said it was some sort of virus. She has improved but is still not 100%.

* The pollen here is terrible right now.....the rest of us are sneezing and sniffing like crazy! I thought the pollen season was about over....but it isn't.

* I am almost finished with my A-Line Ruffled Skort pattern. I went to my favorite local quilt shop today to pick out some fabrics for a few samples. I got to visit with some of my favorite people...."Hi" Rachel and Linda. And I got to meet a new friend, Sue, that actually has my Pleated Skort pattern. It was definitely an exciting afternoon full of fun.

* What wasn't fun was dropping my sewing machine off this morning to be cleaned. Don't tell anyone but I have never had it cleaned and I've had it several years. I go on lint duty pretty often and remove the throat plate to clean it. Plus I oil it when it tells me to do so....but this is its first real cleaning. I feel almost naked without it. I told Wayne that my sewing spot in the corner of my bedroom has a gaping wound in it without my machine. Fortunately, I am supposed to get it back tomorrow all clean and ready to go.

* Which is great because I picked up lots of CUTE fabric today to work with!!!

* Also, I am way behind in my if I owe you one....I am working to get caught up!

* I am thinking of having a give-away soon. Stay tuned for more information!

* Has that been enough random-ness for you for one day?

* Ok, just one more....I made frozen fruit smoothies for all of us a few minutes ago and now I have a brain freeze!!!

* Maybe that's why all of my thoughts are so fragmented!

* Happy Stitching!!!


Goosegirl said...

Yum! Smoothies! And yes, very cute picture of a darling baby.

And I love random!! Thanks for the awesome chat tonight. You are wonderful Cindy!!

Ellie Inspired said...

Yep, smoothies are good! So is picking up new fabric and visiting with friends. I have never had my machine cleaned either! I need to, I really do but there never is a good time to be without it. I better do it soon though!

Jan said...

Sounds like a fun day! Picking up a clean machine will make today even better!
May Elisabeth continue on the road to strength and good health!

Erin said...

Oooh, my machine is in the shop for cleaning right now too and I WANT MY BABY BACK!! I know what you mean about a gaping hole. I also have a stack of fabric waiting....

Karina said...

Um How often are you suppose to actually have someone else clean your sewing machine? Ive never done that either.....Love smoothies!

Cindy said...

Thanks ladies!!!!'s always a treat chatting with you!!!

Laura...I agree there is never a good time to be without your machine.

Jan...thanks so much for the kind words!

Erin...I hope you are starting to feel better!!! I can't wait to see what is next up on your machine once you get it back!

Karina...I think it depends upon your machine. I have a Bernina and I believe they recommend a yearly cleaning...but this is my first one in several years. And I picked it up today. I can't wait to start sewing tonight!!!

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