Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December Fun......

This has been a busy month....and so far, we have managed to do our favorite December things.

The gingerbread house is now complete and looking good. Emily orchestrated the decorating of our annual gingerbread house tonight. I built the house and then turned the icing bag over to her. She piped icing and Elisabeth and Ethan strategically placed the candies. Everyone had fun.

Elisabeth made the annual Nativity Scene for us using various baby dolls.

And Elisabeth also had a birthday!!! She is now a sweet seven year old. And somehow Ean turned 6 months old this month. I don't know how because it seems like he was just born yesterday!!!

The girls also had their ballet and tap Christmas Recital. They both did excellent!!!!

Our Smocking Guild had our annual Christmas was a great evening with wonderful friends.

And Emily has had several custom orders for her hats. She bought the yarn, made and delivered this one the same day it was requested. The photo isn't great....but it is chocolate brown with light pink. (I think this one is my favorite so far.) While she was making it a neighbor stopped by and ordered one just like it but with reversed colors. She has quite a following now.

I still have a few gifts to wrap....but I think we are on track for a fantastic Christmas. I hope yours is wonderful as well!!!!


Blakely said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! I have enjoyed reading your blog this year.

Susan said...

Merry Christmas to your family, Cindy! God bless you all in the coming year!

Deborah said...

Emily's hats are beautiful! Brown and pink together are gorgeous!

We had a birthday girl who turned seven this month too!


Cindy said...

Thanks for the sweet comments!!!! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas too!!!!

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