Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve......

The little ones are wearing their new Christmas pjs I made them. For the girls I used Samantha's "Madeline" pattern again. And for the boys, I used patterns that I drafted. I wasn't sure I liked this plaid flannel that I found....but I think it is growing on a good way.

We have read the First Christmas story from the Bible and they have opened one gift we got them. In just a few minutes it will be time for bed.

Earlier today we had a yummy lunch out and then surprised some of our friends with a Christmas Caroling visit. Emily, Elisabeth and Ethan really enjoy going caroling each year. We usually just visit our neighbors, but this year we branched out a little and visited some other friends in town. It was great!!!

After all of that, I still made a chocolate was all I could do not to eat it tonight. And I went ahead and made sweet potato casserole, chicken for our Chicken Bodine tomorrow, and also made the dough for my rolls. Hopefully all of these advance preparations will make the meal quicker and easier to pull together.

We are all surprised that it really is Christmas Eve. It seems like it just sneaked up on us this year. But we are all excited too. It has been a great year. It was Christmas Day last year that we told the kids we were expecting another sweet little blessing. Ean has been all of that and more. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. I pray your year has been good as well. And that the coming year will be even better!!!

So from our house to yours.....Merry Christmas!!!!!


Deborah said...

Sounds like a lovely day! I love green, I'm glad their jammies are growing on you in a good way :o)!

Merry Christmas!


Cindy said...

Thanks Deborah!!! Hope you had a great Christmas!!!

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