Friday, July 24, 2009

What's New????

Plenty of baby head-sniffing and cuddling going on around this place.....but not much sewing yet. I did manage to cut out a pattern last maybe some sewing is right around the corner. I have learned the fine and delicate balance of holding Ean on my chest while I crochet....that learning curve was a little tricky...but very satisfying. I'm still making socks....they are quick and extremely gratifying at this point in time.
I do appreciate all the kind words and sweet comments I have received about this precious baby. I am somewhat behind on email and have not been able to respond to comments like I usually do, and prefer. Just know I love all the comments and emails I receive...they truly make my day!!


Cheryl M. said...

How cute he is!!!! You lucky mama! :)

Nell said...

Sweet little baby, and very cute socks. I think alot of little girls would like them.

Kay aka dkswife said...

What a cutie!!! :)

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