Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blue Bird of Happiness.....

Remember I mentioned a few weeks ago that our local SAGA chapter was having a special guest teacher? Well, here is what we did. The teacher was the wonderful Claudia Newton and she taught us her technique of Madeira applique....all by hand. I have sewn some applique over the years by hand and machine....but I had never made the pinstitch by hand before. She makes it look so easy and her work is gorgeous!!! Mine on the other hand....really needs some work. But that's ok....I enjoy the practicing part.

I could not start with a practice, I had to jump right in on this sweet little blue bird. He was tricky for someone new to me. But he was a lot of fun too. I finished most of him in class that day. Then after coming home and getting the family and house in order, I sat down and completed him. I think he looks cute sitting on this sweet little bib. I put blue/white gingham bias binding around the edges and created neck ties as well. I was going to put a dainty mother of pearl button on the back with a loop....but generally speaking, my babies get chubby pretty I decided the adjustable ties would be a better option.

Yes, I know the bib looks like it needs to be ironed. Trust me, I have ironed it over and over again. I guess it needs some spray starch....but I have an aversion to spray starch. It gives me instant migraines. Therefore I make my own from cornstarch and water....but I just haven't done that lately. So, as a result.....the blue bird must live amongst the wrinkles...I think he'll be ok.
One last thought....if your SAGA guild is looking for a great guest teacher.....look no further. Claudia Newton is wonderful. She brings lots of samples, her handouts are fantastic, her presentation is projected on a screen via her computer so everyone in the class can see exactly what she is explaining, her kits are almost too cute to use, and to top it all off, she is a wonderful person that has a wealth of sewing/embroidery knowledge!

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Nell said...

This bib is very cute, Cindy. Your little blue bird is adorable, and you will not notice the wrinkles when you look beyond the bib at that sweet little boy face who will soon need to wear it!
How fun to be making all these little baby things. I'm so happy for you and your family!

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