Saturday, February 07, 2009

One Down....Several More To Go.....

Several weeks back Emily picked out some fabric that she wanted me to use to make her some skirts. Finally....I have one finished. These sweet little skirts really only take about 30 minutes....but it seems I always find something else to work on rather than these quick skirts. But fortunately...she loves this one, so she has forgiven me for taking so long. Now I have two more skirts to make for her and one for Elisabeth. I should just set aside a day or two and work on nothing else until I get these finished....but I doubt I will. I'm sure other projects will creep in and consume some of my time.
I think I currently have about 5 projects going. I also have two friends that are both expecting a little baby girl in the next two I will definitely be working on something for each of them. I picked up one piece of fabric today that I will use for one of them. Now to just get started and cut the pattern least favorite part.

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Amie said...

I'm surprised she didn't take the fabric and just make it herself! :)

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