Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Too Cute.....

At our last smocking guild (SAGA) meeting this is what we made. Is it not the cutest little thing? I can imagine these adorable faces on little girl jumpers and purses with a name embroidered underneath. Not to mention a shirt or bag for a grandma (or mom) with names of granddaughters (or daughters) added. I need to figure out how to make little boy faces.

This was one of the samples that was anchored to a little piece of battenburg lace. Every one of the ladies in attendance loved making these sweet little faces. Then we each made some precious Wee-Care bonnets as well. It was a lovely evening filled with wonderful SAGA friends, some enjoyable hand sewing, and encouraging conversations. I always look forward to the next meeting.


Blakely said...

I love these!

Nell said...

These little faces are very cute. You really accomplish alot at your SAGA meetings.
I like your new picture in your profile.


Cindy said...

Thanks Blakely...I like them too!!

Nell...thanks. Yes, we do seem to do a lot at our meetings. I so enjoy them!!!

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