Saturday, August 16, 2008

Questions Answered - Part III......

Ok, I'm ready for the final installment. I've been thinking about my answers for the remaining questions for a few days now. Here goes:

What do I enjoy most about homeschooling my children? I truly think the best part for me is being with my children all day, every day. That sounds like a quick and simple answer...but it also goes deeper than that. I love being around my children...and being part of their new experiences. But in addition, we want our children to learn our faith and what is important for our family. That is hard to do when the kids are gone most of the day. Now I am not saying being with three little ones all the time is easy...because it isn't. And I am truly with them 24/7. We do not have the luxury of any family members living anywhere near it can be very challenging from time to time. But by God's grace we continue on doing our best to enjoy every minute.

Will we homeschool through high school? At this point we do plan to homeschool all the way through. I know I would have been happy to have had a high school curriculum customized completely for me and my interests when I was in high school. And there are plenty more reasons...but I'll leave it at that for now.

Did I always know that I would homeschool? Yes, it just always seemed natural for Wayne and me. We knew even before we had children. And because I have a master's degree in early childhood it is a very natural extension for me. But strangely enough, I would probably be better off if I did not have that education. I have had to un-learn a lot in order to develop my philosophy of homeschooling our children.

Will I teach Ethan to sew as well as the girls; especially sewing buttons? I'm not sure there will be any way to keep Ethan from learning how to sew. Many times, if he is awake and I'm sewing, he is sitting on my lap. He will definitely learn to sew on buttons and other basic sewing skills. Beyond that, I will let him decide as he gets older.

What is my favorite color? That's the easist question yet. I love blue....most any shade but especially periwinkle blue and navy blue.

This has really be a lot of fun for me...and I hope it has been fun for you. If anyone has anymore questions, you can always feel free to ask me. I think I am pretty friendly!!!

I'm off to start working on a new pattern. Hope you all are well and doing lots of sewing!!!


Susan said...

It's interesting that you feel you might have been better off without the higher education in homeschooling your children. I have only a high school education, and I have been afraid it was a detriment to our children, even though I learn things easily and consider myself fairly intelligent! ;) So you've encouraged me this evening!

Casey said...

My husband was home schooled k-12th grade and he loved every minute of it. We then attended the same college (where we met). Even though I didn't answer the questions thank you for sharing your feelings on home schooling (I am a bit aways as my daughter is 17 months old) but we are looking into that also.

Cindy said...

Susan...never underestimate yourself and the influence you have on your children. Mr. Fred Rogers always said that children will learn the most and the best from those that love them the most. I believe it!!!

Casey...thanks so much for visiting and your kind words. I'm glad your husband had such a great homeschool experience. I sure wish I had been homeschooled...I wouldn't have to learn it all again now as I homeschool my little ones.

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