Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Night - Sewing Night......

We start them young around here. The girls and I used to hand or machine sew every Wednesday evening. Then somehow we fell out of the fault not theirs. They would sew morning, noon, and night every day if only I could be right there the entire time. So tonight immediately after we finished dinner I pulled out some machines and they started sewing. They were tickled!!

Above Elisabeth is using a "hand me down" machine that one of my sisters gave her a few years back. It doesn't work too I think she'll probably graduate to my old reliable Kenmore from now on. I love my Kenmore!!!! And I'm sure she will too!!! She is working on a quilt.

Emily cut out a bag and quickly stitched it together. She used her machine which is a great machine. It is a Bernette 65 and aside from lacking a needle up/down button (because it is not computerized) it is a fantastic machine. She tells me it is her favorite machine of all we have....because it is hers. I can't argue with that.

And here is Emily's completed bag. I told you she was speedy!!! Now it's time to get them off to bed so that I can sew for a few minutes!!! I have a project to finish up so I can spill the info about the giveaway!!!


MorningSong said...

I am so glad you 'happened' on my blog last night!! I am amazed that your daughter's are sewing already! WOW! They are blessed to have you sharing this with them while they are young! (I am a little jealous of them. {smile}) What a great idea to have a sewing night!

The bag looks FABULOUS!!! I know my HC would love to get in on the sewing action!

Clearly your blog is one I can come learn from! We have one other thing in common - we are Home Schooling too! My two are young but we did get our feet wet a little this year with preschool and we joined in on many field trips!

I look forward to getting to know you and your family!


Missy said...

That looks like a great way to spend an evening together. How long is it until Ethan wants his own sewing machine? I have experienced that with Andrew wanting to do everything that Abbie does. He even wants to join dance class. Keep up the good work girls!

Cindy said...

Thanks Melodye....My hope is that this blog can be inspirational and educational to those that frequent here. I don't think I realized that you homeschooled. I love it. I look forward to getting to know you as well.

Cindy said...

Thanks Missy!!! Yes, Ethan wants to sew too...much to his dad's surprise. He and Elisabeth fight over whatever machine she is using. One day I would like him to learn how to use the machine. I'd even be happy if he learned how to service them for us. High hopes...I know!

Kay aka dkswife said...

Your little ones are so darn cute! :)


Cindy said...

Kay...thanks so much. Yeah, I like them too. I think I'll keep them!!! LOL!!!!

I'm glad you stopped by for a visit. I always love to meet new friends!!!

Katie said...

How sweet! It's so neat that you can have a girls' night and enjoy that time together.I hope to be able to sew with Addie one day.

Cindy said...

Katie...I'm sure Addie will want to sew one day. It doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing...even cleaning the bathroom....all three of mine want to do it too. Ethan has already claimed cleaning the toliet....I must have made it look fun sometime or another. He won't let me touch the brush without his assistance!!! Too funny!!!! So all that to say...I'm sure Addie will enjoy sewing if you enjoy it!!!

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